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Introducing SDUK

Sduk has been causing a fuss with the Emalkay remix which we posted a couple of weeks ago - now we have something for you all to get even more excited about. Heavily influenced by Joker, Gemmy, Guido & Ginz his original productions need some attention, I have yet to hear them on a big system but I can only imagine the huge tropical hypnotic synth lines will go down a treat. No hesitation on whether to download this or not, get familiar, this 17 minute-long dubplates mix shows a lot of potential...


01. Fresh Melon
02. Be Lucky
03. Qway Back When VIP
04. Dapper Derek
05. Turn It Off
06. Nappy Nora
07. Clunge
08. On A Low Low

Other sites please repost - just keep the download link the same!


Anonymous said...

the download link is ginz' myspace page right now...

Stock Gaucho said...

Love the Emalkay remix! Really looking forward to this new mixtape :)

ty much HushHouse!!

MikeE said...

Been playing these out for the last month or so on http://boosh.fm, finally dropped Be Lucky on a system at the Auckland Nero gig on sat - OMG the bass is heavy on that one!

SDUK, along with Numan are young producers to look out for

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