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Engima has been with us since the start and there's a reason why - he's got some big tunes under his belt already with many more to come. The last time his name cropped up was here. He's landed us with four of his latest productions and is letting you have them all for free if you wish.

Here we have a big ol bassline to get those speakers rumbling. He's taken those well known Fatboy Slim vocals and stuck em down in the dungeon, Benga has had an attempt but personally I think I prefer this edit. "Yea I'll play that" - Rob Sparx. They know what is what but they don't know what is what, they jus strut...

What The Fuck? [RUDEEE]

Hop over to his myspace to preview these next three - a variety is available for those different tastes...

I Hate You
Let Me Be Your Fantasy


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