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Introducing SENTINELS

Sentinels' 'Love Rhythm' literally jumped out of Submerse's mix for Big Up and was immediately rising in my 'top played' this month.

Love Rhythm - Sentinels

"I make music inspired by a decade of listening to the London pirate radio waves. I try and operate outside of the confines of any particular genre, but I'm inspired by UK Garage, House and soulful Funky, Hardcore and Dubstep. I hate souless wobble music."

Today is a special day for this man, the co-founder of Fundamental - a brand new website designated to future sounds, in fact, they're aiming to be the 'Future Sound Directory'. Exciting things for sure, go explore the website and find out exactly what they're about. To celebrate the launch, Sentinels, is first up for their Mixology Series...

01. Submerse - '94 [Night Audio 02]
02. Dark Sky - Leave [dubplate]
03. Resketch - Midway [Night Audio]
04. Sentinels - Spirals [dubplate]
05. Clueless - Paper Girl [L2S Recordings]
06. Sentinels - Ouija [dubplate]
07. Mount Kimble - Maybe (James Blake Remix/Sentinels Refix) [Hessle Audio]
08. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow [Aus]
09. Duncan Powell - Pushing [Pushing EP Project]
10. Resketch - Connected [Kursed]
11. Kuoyah - Angel Dub (Sully Remix) [Frijsfo]
12. Joker - Tron [Kapsize]
13. M2J - Psychedelica [L2S Recordings]
14. Sentinels - Metamorphic [dubplate]
15. El-B - Dirty [Night Audio 03]
16. Para - Future [dubplate]
17. Sully - Phonebox [Frijsfo]
18. The XX - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) [XL]
19. Sbtrkt - Pause For Thought [2020]


Hosta said...

this mix is huge. Props

Luigi said...

hush house know whats up