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The word is out...

Having hit a dry spell of decent tunes, they've come flooding in the past couple of days. These two remixes are both knocking on the door of being excellent. George Lenton has impressed greatly in the last few months, his style and production, maturing perfectly as the wrath of shit Dubstep takes over. Sorry to swear, I normally refrain from doing so but there's no other word to describe the occurrence so perfectly. Well, there are probably plenty but that doesn't matter. He brings a fresh twist to the table with this remix of the popular Nas & Damian Marley collab which is about to explode worldwide, or has it already?

As We Enter (George Lenton Remix) - Nas & Damian Marley

Foamo, having been slightly under the radar of late, perhaps only my radar, only a couple of tracks have grabbed my attention - the excellent Jookie on Fat! Records being one + the remixes. However, he gives us a quick reminder that he knows exactly what he's doing on the remix front. Big bassey bouncy riddim set to go off in the club. Get it on the download quick. I prefer the instrumental version but I'm sure many dig the vocal. You'll notice the mixdown on this one. Boom!

As We Enter (Foamo Remix) - Nas & Damian Marley
As We Enter (Foamo Dub) - Nas & Damian Marley

Look out for RacknRuin's remix of this tune, pretty sure it's made it onto the official package.


I41 said...

the foamo remix isn't working, cheers.

Admin said...

should be fine?

Anonymous said...

it seems to take a few clicks 2 work but does eventually