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Introducing GRAPHICS

Any music fan who has spent their time trawling the blogosphere will be aware of the huge lack of quality control on the internet. It seems to be an inevitable product of the increasing exposure of the underground scene. Whereas most pop fans are quite happy to sit and listen to whatever regurgitated nonsense happens to be on the radio, many of the people recently exposed to the underground genres see them as more accessible, and see a chance to get involved and make a quick name for themselves without too much time or effort. It is because of this development that there are now so many people online writing about music they don't understand, and publicising their mate from school's bad impression of something they thought was Dubstep.

Whilst there is a pretty amusing degree of truth to be found in Darkly's article on the insincerity of the blogger over at Pelski (read it here), it is undeniably our duty to make sure we only post decent tunes, and do so legally. That way we are doing our bit to allow you readers to find the tight productions you're looking for quickly, enabling you to wait for the true beauties, and not forcing you to download some cheap slag of a tune. It is also important to maintain standards because increasingly people are downloading poor productions at low quality bit rates, and playing them out at parties or even clubs. The impacts of poor blogging are far reaching, and so its a pleasure to now introduce you to Graphics, whose latest productions have had all the hallmarks of a class act.

His forthcoming digital release of the track The Kingmaker on Electric Rasta EP from Haunted Audio Recordings, and a 12 inch b2b with Emvee also due on Shifting Peaks, both showcase some crisp beats from this up and comer. The latter sees the release of Blue Top, which should definitely be checked out below. The chopped up vocals explode like fireworks far above you against a backdrop of soothing synths and a Future Garage-esque beat.

Blue Top - Graphics

Also plucked from his soundcloud is Sarah Sampled, which offers a subaquatic xylophone loop which comes and goes throughout the track. It develops cleverly with added and removed layers throughout its duration culminating in the last minute where the harmonies are urged forward by the buzz of a forceful bass synth. A very well put together track.

Sarah Sampled - Graphics

In terms of downloads we've got two fresh tracks for you. Tele Flutter creates a relaxed feel with its soothing melody and gentle bassline, but it is the sampling of radio transmissions from the lunar landings that really create an overwhelming sense of calm, stillness and isolation from the world.

Tele Flutter - Graphics

Number 18 seems to sample chopped up sections of a laughter filled drinks party, and its textured synths and thoughtful piano chords create a comforting feel. It comes as some surprise when it suddenly drops into a bouncy, funky beat. Piercing, echoing pulses hover above the beat before it finally becomes anchored by a solid, buoyant bassline which is bound to get a crowd moving. On a completely different tip to Tele Flutter, but one which has really grown on me. Be sure to keep an eye on Graphics.

Number 18 - Graphics


emily said...

Yes! Glad to hear others diggin Graphics.. BIG things! ;)

emily said...

Here is a preview of the Kingmaker: http://soundcloud.com/haunted-audio-recordings/graphics-the-kingmaker-preview

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! I am a HUGE fan of this motha*f***ka!!! Thank you thank you thank you!