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There's something about the autumn/winter time, producers and DJs seem to come crawling out of the shadows they've been hiding in (or perhaps it's the other way round - out of the sun, into their studios) and decide to spring a mix on us, which we asked for months ago. That makes us sound somewhat ungrateful, which of course we're not. Infact, we could never be ungrateful for a mix like this. This is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable hour-plus length of music I've had the pleasure of listening to this year.

Vandera resides in London where he is a medic by day and a bass head by night. He's been treating me to his own productions for over a year now and I've watched the progression closely, eagerly awaiting to hear the latest output from the lab. He's a avid fan of soundcloud where I'm sure those regular users will have seen his name cropping up all over the place - check his profile here.

This mix, as I've tried to iterate above, is outstanding. Seamlessly mixed, full of soaring melodies and ample sub-bass, all in key and to top it off, the time runs 1h11m11s - if there's anyone that knows how to tickle our fancy, this man does for sure. With the taste and production potential of the man behind our other 10/10 mix, the coming year is going to be a big one for the mad scientist. If you don't know, get to know...


01. DJG – BC3 (Vandera Refix) [Voids]
02. Vandera – Pure Light [forthcoming Forecast]
>>> Rootah - Get it Already [Scotch Bonnet]
03. Dhyan Moller - Lost In 3s (DJG Remix) [Blipswitch]
04. By Proxy – 68 (Vandera Remix) [Car Crash Set]
>>> Numan – Secrets [Subdepth]
05. Actraiser – Mysteries Of The Universe [dub]
06. Rae & Christian – Premonition [Grand Central]
07. Lostlojic & Faib - Midnight Light [dub]
>>> Vandera – Scanners [Stoke Audio]
08. Vandera & Lostlojic - No Love [dub]
09. Bassnectar – Love Here [Child’s Play]
10. Lung – Whale Song [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Solstice (Vandera Remix) [dub]
11. Clubroot – Orbiting [LoDubs]
12. Just – Fossil [2019]
13. Starkey - New Cities [Planet Mu]
14. Ramadanman – Tempest [Hemlock]
15. HXDB – Miranda [forthcoming Subdepth]
16. Swarms – Hypnotize [Subdepth]
17. Lostlojic - Last Goodbye (Vandera Remix) [Subdepth]
18. Numan – Wildfire [forthcoming Subdepth]
19. Unbalanced Jack – Fresh Air [forthcoming Subdepth]
20. F – Chillin’ [7even]
>>> People Under The Stairs – Outrun [OM]
21. TKR – Nautilus [dub]
22. Vandera - Carbon 11 [forthcoming Forecast]
23. Dom Hz – Everyday Dreamer [forthcoming Subdepth]
24. Vandera – Move On [forthcoming Subdepth]
25. Mount Kimbie – Would Know [Hotflush]
26. Quantum Soul – Hark Back [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Parasol Stars [dub]
27. Egoless – Think About That [dub]
28. Vesicle – Sludge Jazz [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
29. Eleven8 – I Fell Into A Memory [dub]
30. Seba – Soul 2000 [Looking Good]



Eve said...

this is absolutely amazing! thanks so much for introducing...

Volcom clothing said...

Amazing! Nice post..thanks for sharing..

Rolando said...

Wooooow... this is a hell of a smooth DJ mix! Listen to that superb tracklist, self-evidently filled with outstanding tracks of his own, all stuffed in a 70 minutes Dubstep journey. Absolutely awesome! I actually happened to bump into this super talented DJ/Producer in the undergrounds of Bangkok a while ago after one of his gigs there and can tell ya, this guy's gonna be the next BIG thing in Dubstep land!! Keep an eye out! CHEERS

Luigi said...


StillRooney said...

Wow, this is crazy good. Already listened through it a couple of times, will definitely keep an eye ut for Vandera in the future.