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Fresh off Skream's Stella Sessions, we present the fifth in the series, Bristol's finest...

Phaeleh's distinct sound fuses dark and heavy sounds of Dubstep with the melodies and soundscapes of Electronica, all sealed together with the subtle textures of acousmatic music. A diverse range of influences results in an equally diverse musical output which can range from disturbing bass lines and heavy beats to the more soulful, restrained tracks, incorporating a variety of sound sources and vocal styles.

Not content with just creating some of the scenes freshest music, Phaeleh also runs Urban Scrumping Records, an outlet for not only himself but many other talented artists - helping to share the music we love. Aside Scrumping, there's forthcoming releases on Formant Recordings, Disfigured Dubz, OpenEarz Recordings, Cool & Deadly and he's hoping to tie up some other things in the next few weeks.

This mix gets a 10/10 from me as it's been my soundtrack to the last few days. I can't get enough! You're able to listen over and over due to the progressive structure and quality track selection. For those that were whinging that the Riskotheque mix was too short, Phaeleh's pulled out the stops on this one and given us 53 minutes of bliss. Get it on a CD or on the iPod and blast it everywhere you go. Decent speakers needed for full effect.


01. Orrphan101 - Light Year
02. Boot - Space Destroy Energy
03. Alien Entertainment feat. Black Canvas - Soundclash (Dubfiction MNML Dub)
04. XXXY - h4u5
05. Asusu - Taurean
06. Jus Wan - Azure
07. J Kenzo - Tropic Thunda
08. Asusu - Small Hours
09. Indigo - Premonition
10. Migrant - Piranhas (Cardopusher Remix)
11. Matt-U - Void (1810)
12. Boot - Blackmail
13. Breakage feat. David Rodigan - Together
14. DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage's Unspecified Remix)
15. Boot - Satellite
16. RSD - Pretty Bright Light
17. 501 - Rise and Fall
18. Phaeleh feat. I-mitri - Hide
19. Sook - Season of the Mist
20. Phaeleh - Broken
21. RSD - Forward Youth
22. Synkro - Hornz
23. RSD - Kingfisher
24. Clubroot - Firefly

Definitely a name to look out for on flyers and in shops over the coming months. Also, perhaps you noticed it containing a fair share of Boot tracks, go check his mix he did for us a little while back.


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Luigi said...

Big mix, I've been lovin his sound for a while now, cheers

Lune said...

Asusu is really lovely!