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That's propatingz blaaad...

PropaTingz is a propa fellow who dabbles in perfecting the art of glitched bass music. Since being converted from his old Breakbeat ways he has taken an interesting angle on Dubstep. San Fran’s scene of Glitchhop and suchlike has obviously been a big influence but he has UK Bass sown into his seams.

Rippin’ Needles – PropaTingz

Anthony Traynor was originally brought up in the badlands of Wolverhampton where he was often seduced by the rush of violence and crime. He managed to find a focus within Graffiti and Hip Hop and from that point began a love affair with the underground. Here he found not only a context in which he could be free of the repression that enveloped him but in this he also found a tool with which to change and challenge that very realty; music and art as powerful weapons in a revolutionary struggle for freedom of self.

"It’s not just about partying or having a good time, it’s about being free - a kind of voodoo, a thing we do to reclaim ourselves. It says a lot about the society we live in. Mobile phones, cappuccinos and a 9 – 5 job makes it look like we’re happy but, there’s something missing, and that’s what the underground is about..."

With a couple of big releases lined up and the plans of his first studio album in the pipeline 2009 and 2010 are set to be his two biggest years so far. Not to mention a vocal version of his and FreQ Nasty’s Peacemaker with Spyda (Pendulum - Tarantula vocalist).

Poor Man Style/Wickedest [forthcoming Black Acre]
Chainsaw Calligraphy Remix [forthcoming Boka]

Canada/Europe/UK Tour [see myspace for more info]

Kick Drum (PropaTingz’ Nasty Gurl Remix) – Felix Da Housecat

Big fat kick drum makes the girlies wanna get some… mind the drop.



wow what a MASSSSIIIVVE POST Propa Tingzz on another plaanneettttt music's not made for human ears!!!

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