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Pirate that system...

Pirate Soundsystem have been up there with my favourite producers for a good couple of years now and I’m always excited to hear new stuff from them. The new stuff this time is an EP coming out in a couple of weeks on Coin Operated Records who have had the likes of Kanji Kinetic, L-Vis 1990, Squire of Gothos to name just a few. The EP is titled “Trip II London” which has four tracks, each to a different style but all based around ravey samples and big basslines. Ideal. It’s only a vinyl release at the moment but hopefully that’ll change.

The first track is an updated version of their Si Begg remix which we featured in this post - there’s an interview there too for those who don’t know. It’s been mastered and the bassline fattened up to make it an even bigger banger than before. They’ve treated you readers well, again, by making you the first on the internet to have this track, it’s got samples from a few tunes but mainly Tiga’s Mind Dimension. Enjoy.

01. Trip II London
02. Get Your Heads Out
03. Think I’m Ready
04. My Dimension

Make sure all you twitterers go follow them at http://twitter.com/piratesoundsys for updates and stuff.

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