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Introducing FLOP HAUS

So there’s Zinc with his Crack House, now look, DZ is also on the house tip. I was intrigued as to where that name came from so asked the man himself...

"It's a lil sub-genre name - I know I don't make house, so I just called it 'FlopHaus'. I was in Ottawa - was always messy round 5pm on a Sunday. I get drunk and build house. Feels stupid where it originates from but 'haus' sounds geigh so I love it. Lol"

Not to do with stuff flopping? Dubstep flopping, you flopping to house music etc?!

"None man. Sooooooo many tunes bout to come out, there’ll be lots more on the blogs as well – Teddy’s making that happen for me now, well stoked he’s on board. I'm flopping to 4/4... haha"

So that was that. Nothing deep about it, just fancied a bit of a change on a Sunday. Some say the truth comes out when you're pissed...! Back to the point, here are the tunes. Bouncy drum beats with some nice whirring, grinding bass lines. Check them and stick em in your sets and mixtapes...

Asian Cuddle Puddle – DZ & Redeyz
Game Over - DZ
Drop Top – DZ

Now for those who prefer the Dubstep biz here’s a few new ones from the badman camp. The two remixes are nuts, haven’t got my head round them yet! This though, has Fugees vocals, and it’s a whole different story. Personal preference though innit.

Next – DZ [RUDEEE]

Keep Me Hangin On (DZ Remix) – The Supremes
Need You (DZ Remix) – Dylan & Ink

The Wu-Tang remix album was recently out, I think, and he’s got a couple of tracks on there so go hunt that down, think it’s on Amazon at least.

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