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Introducing ISOTONE

This isn't really an introduction because if you're more into your Drum & Bass than I am, you're more than likely to have heard of Isotone. However, for those that don't know, these tunes need a listen. Been meaning to post for ages cos I dig them, a lot. Drawing influences from a range of different genres but his output sound is very similar to the likes of the Shogun Audio crew and Noisia. Deep dark and heavy!

Shodan - Isotone & Loxy [buy on Beatport]

He has given out a few free tunes over the years. The latest of which is an experiment with a donation scheme. Here are my favourites from the latest EPs, three Drum & Bass, one Dubstep, in no order of preference.

With You - Isotone
If I Could - Isotone
Know The Future - Isotone

Project Them - Isotone & Hadoshroom

If you're digging the tunes and are feeling generous, please do donate here.

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