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Featuring SUBDEPTH

Friday of last week saw the CD and vinyl release of Subdepth Records first compilation, 'Subdepth Volume 1'. Since their relocation to Bristol Subdepth have continued to support their policy of developing talent from within rather than profiteering from any observable fashion, and this compilation gives a snapshot of the range of ideas they have for bass music at the end of 2010 going into the New Year. With another valuable chance to check the productions of the likes of Dom Hz, Swarms, Numan and Vandera, this is a must-buy for those with an eye to the future.

Whether you're particularly feeling the ecstatic optimism of Vandera's "Move On", the rugged vibrations of Swarms' "Rooted" or the soothing warmth of Simple's "Long Distance Rubdown", what ties the tracks together is that they operate on a level that deals with the dreamlike and the ethereal. Firstly this will make this compilation a good reflection of the times in years to come, since 2010 has been a year where music has often sought to be visionary and complex, in many ways a reaction to the gritty and immediate sounds of last year, but more importantly, the scope of the intangible feelings the tracks convey will ensure this continues to be of value for a while to come. Check out the Soundcloud preview below, but to appreciate the full selection you'll need to buy it in its entirety, available at Juno.

Subdepth Volume 1 Preview

01. Numan – Secrets
02. Dom Hz – You (Vista Remix)
03. Dom Hz – Everyday dreamer
04. Snow Fox – No Time
05. Dom Hz – Blue
06. Vandera – Move On
07. Swarms – Rooted
08. Swarms – Hypnotize
09. Simple – Long Distance Rubdown
10. Lostlojic – Last Goodbye (Vandera Remix)
11. Swarms – Glider
12. Dom Hz – What Goes Up
13. Indigo ft. Poppy Roberts – All Yours
14. Numan – Wild Fire
15. Swarms – Skynet
16. Numan – Kaya 47

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