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Remedy for bleakness...

Our good friends Dark Sky are back with another bumpy 2-step re-rub which has their imprint rubbed from head to toe. Excellence as per usual. Has been a big year for the London-based threesome, I'm already excited thinking about what's forthcoming.

Too Heavy To Stand Up (Dark Sky Remix) - DeLooze [192]

Easily my favourite production by Joker has been given a re-lick by the ever growing stronger Mensah. This edit tones down the darkness and gives it more dancefloor capabilities with a Drum & Bass pattern over those rich, weighty synths.

Psychedelic Runway (Mensah's Let's Go Faster Re-Lick) - Joker

While on the topic of Joker - latest news is; that track that never got a name which he did with TC is being given out for free. Massive tune - should be an instant download for any Dubstep fan.

It Ain't Got A Name - Joker & TC

This newcomer S-Type has made a big impression on my ears with these couple of tracks which are filled with moving melodies and colourful synths, fringing on what you might hear in a (decent) R&B/Grime instrumental. Both have surprisingly been given away for free - quality free music right here. Go check his soundcloud for some Hip Hop downloads too...

Medusa - S-Type
Terry Nutkins - S-Type

Numan, who also leans towards the instrumental 'purple'/Grime sound, brings us another bouncy number. 2010 was predicted to be a big year for this Mancunian, according to Fact Mag, I've however got my hopes on 2011.

Flashhh - Numan

Hudson Mohawke is the king of vibrant instrumental music so, while this subject this production is very appropriate. For those that haven't come across 'Fuse' yet - I'm afraid to say you've been missing out.

Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Krystal Klear [128]

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