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As girly as...

Oneman and other big players have rinsed this, designed for the club, French Fries on the buttons. Personally not sure about that drop...

One Thing (French Fries Remix) - Amerie

Kastle on a similar vibe. That cowbell pattern seems familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas?

I Wanna Be Down (Kastle Bootleg) - Brandy

Brackles and Brenmar both giving that old R&B anthem an update.

Me & U (Brackles Remix) - Cassie
Me & U (Brenmar Remix) - Cassie

Jacques Greene caught our attention with his '(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want' which is out on Night Slugs. Watch this name in 2011.

Must Be Love (Jacques Greene's Marriage Proposal Mix) - Cassie [RUDEEE]

Lunice, an unknown name round here however a little research shows, this is possibly his best production yet. Or perhaps the Cassie vocal is just addictive.

Addiction (Lunice Remix) - Cassie

We featured WILDLIFE! back here and since then hadn't heard much. This thumping remix though has put the name right back on the radar.

Ride (WILDLIFE! Remix) - Ciara

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