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Even with the power of Google, you'll be lucky to find out much about October apart from a steady stream of releases dating all the way back to 2003. Following the Muscle Memory release on his own Caravan Recordings imprint in 2010 and the NY Fizzzzz collaboration with Appleblim, we've made sure to keep an eye on this chap.

His most recent work consists of two more collaborations with friend Borai, comprising the second release Never Learnt label. "Come what may, I'm holding on" seems to be the cry of the vocal sample in 'Level Abstain'. The track rolls out for a full eight minutes, aided by steady relationship between the kick and sub as well as pads that occasionally fall in and out of tune and time - blissed out house music for very dark dancefloors.

Level Abstain - October & Borai [Never Learnt]

Complimenting the A-side nicely is 'Vital Ital Rub'. More laidback and less insistent, but with a bassline to hold on to throughout, this is the kind of tune that can set the tone for a whole night. It comes as no surprise that these tracks have already gained support from firm HH favourites, Midland and Gerd.

Vital Ital Rub - October & Borai [Never Learnt]

As you might expect, this is a vinyl only affair - grab the 12" here if you want to hear the tracks in their full glory.

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