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Introducing OUTBOXX

Jacob Hodge and Matt Lambert started making music together as Outboxx after discovering a shared love for house music whilst studying in Bristol. After successfully integrating into the well established music scene in their adopted city the pair had a busy 2011, releasing EP's on Immersed Records, Well Rounded Records and Idle Hands. Their first outing in 2012, 'Power Cruising' b/w 'Through The Night', is the second release from the new vinyl only BRSTL label which is dedicated to house and techno music emanating from Bristol. 'Power Cruising' is a chilled, down tempo affair with hints of jazz coming through a steady house rhythm. 'Through The Night' is the stand out track on the EP combining soulful and upbeat house vibes with soothing vocals from Naomi Jeremy, making the perfect summer record.

BRSTL 002 is currently available exclusively from Idle Hands but will be available from other record stores from the 10th April.

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