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It's been a long time coming but Leon Vyenhall's Mauve EP is finally out this Monday. It's his debut release and will be made available on wax and on digital courtesy of Well Rounded Records. The EP is an intelligent and mature first effort, suggesting that although Vynehall doesn't have a large back catalogue he's certainly got a lot more in his locker. The EP is held together by a common thread but each track takes on it's own individual flavour providing a nice progression as you make your way through it.

Dreamy synths and soulful vocals massage the four four beat on 'Mauve', sure to get heads nodding, shoulders swaying and feet shuffling on the dance floor. 'Homage' is on a deeper tip. After taking a moment to reflect on the state of modern popular music the track eases into a pitched down and bass heavy cut sprinkled with dusty high hats. 'Picture Frame' rounds off the EP nicely by transporting you to a secluded beach somewhere in the Adriatic, a hammock swinger, cocktail drinker of a track. We're hoping to hear a lot more from this man in the future.

Mauve EP - Leon Vyenhall [Well Rounded Housing Project]

1 comment:

Akello Light said...

Lovely bass at 3:45 of the EP