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Since last September, Tamed Musiq has been an outlet for Raphael Ripperton (AKA Ripperton) to release his own productions alongside remixes from other well respected producers. Tamed Musiq 004 comes complete with a remix from men of the moment Bicep.

This latest EP continues to add to the ever growing back catalogue of quality output from this talented producer. Bicep aren't the first name that springs to mind for a collaboration with the Swiss Ripperton, but they more than deliver with their rework of 'Let's Hope', successfully retaining the essence of the original whilst moulding the track to fit in with their current brand of retrospective euphoric 90's house.

Tamed Musiq 004 - Ripperton [Tamed Musiq]

We highly recommend looking through all of the previous Tamed Musiq releases if you haven't done so already, here's the audio from Tamed Musiq 003 to get you started.

Tamed Musiq 003 - Ripperton [Tamed Musiq]

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