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photo credit: Tape Echo

We proudly present the next in the series. This one's a big one. Probably our favourite mix of the series so far - it's that good! Outboxx are a Bristol-based duo plugging away at creating top quality music. All their releases so far are fantastic. Stand out EPs last year were on Idle Hands and Immerse. This year they have, probably their strongest release yet out on BRSTL - a limited, no hype, vinyl only label from... Bristol, and their latest, the Astro Girl EP which is out on Immerse again.

Dolphs Vision - Outboxx [Immerse]

If you missed their Boiler Room set recently, unfortunately there were some technical issues with the recording but they've managed so salvage a few minutes of it which features 'Brighten My Day' with the lovely Naomi Jeremy on vocal duties. Watch it here. We are pleased to announce that they will be joining us on Friday 21 September at The Garage in Leeds. More details soon come.

HH MIX #031 - Outboxx [download]

01. Outboxx - Aporia [Idle Hands]
02. Crackazat - Panick Aggressive [Futureboogie]
03. G-Transition - Morning Sequence [forthcoming Boe Recordings]
04. Maxamillion Dunbar - Lemon & Lime [Ramp Recordings]
05. Tony Allen - Moyege [Mark Ernestus Dub]
06. Theo Parrish - Nefarious Stranger [Sound Signature]
07. Pop & Eye - Being Boing [Editainment]
08. Andrés - Jazz Dance [La Vida]
09. James Mason - Nightgruv [Rush Hour]
10. Mr Beatnick - Beneath the Reef [Don't Be Afraid]
11. Outboxx - All The Right Moves [forthcoming Idle Hands]

Please get following on their Soundcloud and Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Second track name in the playlist is wrong. Has to be "Panick Aggressive" by Crackazat ;-)

Miig said...