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Featuring SHED

We like Shed. He doesn't sound so happy with the state/future of music in this interview but we don't care when there are mixes available with tracklists like this...

La Boum De Luxe Mix - Shed [download]

01. Shed - The Lower Upside Down [Ostgut Ton]
02. Radiohead - Little By Little (Shed Remix) [Ticker Tape]
03. ???
04. Shed - Slow Motion Replay [Ostgut Ton]
05. WK7 - Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
06. WK7 - Higher Power (Original Mix) [Power House]
07. WAX - WAX30303 A [WAX]
08. WAX - Untitled [WAX - WAX20002]
09. WAX - WAX30003 A [WAX]
10. WK7 - The Avalanche [Power House]
11. Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix) [Power House]
12. Head High - It's a Power Thing (Power Cut) [Power House]
13. Head High - It's a Love Thing (Sigg Gonzales Island Mix) [Power House]

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