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Bård Aasen Lødemel is a DJ/producer that operates under the aliases Skatebård and Transilvanian Galaxi. Two different monikers which allows the Norweigen to channel his creativity down contrasting paths. The former is reserved for more dancefloor driven productions while the later has no discernable style. When placed next to each other Lødemel's releases as Transilvanian Galaxi make for an odd juxtaposition. The first is an off-the-wall italo disco outing on cult label Sex Tags Mania while the second is a considerably more subdued and pensive techno release on Acido.

Galaxi - Transilvanian Galaxi [Sex Tags Mania]

You Always Have EP - Transilvanian Galaxi [Acido]

Lødemel has been considerably more prolific as Skatebard and has produced some real gems under that guise. Personal favourites include the one sided June Nights South of Sienna EP and the Conga EP both out on Sex Tags. I'm yet to find a Skatebard release that isn't sold out on the internet so if you want to pick up any of his 12"s you'll have to do it via Discogs.

June Nights South of Sienna - Skatebård [Sex Tags Mania]

Conga - Skatebård [Sex Tags Mania]

All in all Lødemel is an outstanding producer that creates intelligent and emotive music and I strongly encourage you to listen through his back catalogue.

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