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Introducing DENIRO

The Hague in the Netherlands has produced a fair number of respectable underground house and techno producers throughout the years. Names like Legowelt and Unit Moebius come to mind. Entering into the mix with his debut release on Tape Records, Reyneir Hooft aka Deniro brings us the Grey EP.

Using only old analogue synths and drum machines, this producer crafts a sound that is influenced by Detroit, but is uniquely Dutch. Much like his contemporary Legowelt, there is an added analogue warmth to the machine sound of his production on this EP. The first track 'Heat' demonstrates this, as driving percussion and soaring yet ethereal synth lines are the order of the day.

Heat - Deniro [Tape]

On the flip the next track 'Grey' is indeed the most subtle and deep track on the EP. It's the kind of stuff that's most often played either as one of the first tracks on the night, or in the early hours of the morning. Lastly, 'Taped' rounds out the EP with a broken beat take on Hooft's ethereal techno sound.

Grey - Deniro [Tape]

Taped - Deniro [Tape]

All three of the tracks on this EP are superb, and the excellent sleeve design is an added plus, which makes this a 12" release worth picking up.

You can grab it from Juno here.

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