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Eerie label boss and purveyor of dark and dubby techno, Marco Shuttle, is up next in our exclsuive mix series. Notable releases from the Italian fashion designer turned music producer include his All Around the Fires EP for Clone and the unforgettable The Vox Attitude EP for the Farden records off shoot label VIDD.

The Eerie label was launched this summer with a nice 3 track EP entitled Modula and has been recently followed up by the There's No Point EP. If 'eerie' was what Marco was going for then he has hit the nail on the head with his latest release. Two haunting tracks that spread over more than 20 minutes, not for the faint hearted.

The mix that Marco has put together for us follows along a similar vein to our recent #. and Recondite mixes in the sense that it is definitely one for the late hours. A great mix from a great producer. Enjoy.

HH MIX #038 - Marco Shuttle [download]

01. Nulclid - Mewark [Art Tek[
02. Stoplight Loosejaw - Juju & Jordash [Dekmantel]
03. Earth Calls - Joey Anderson [Deconstruct]
04. There's No Point... - Marco Shuttle [Eerie]
05. A1 - Jeff Mills [Something In The Sky]
06. Fountain Of Life - Terrence Dixon [Tresor]
07. Dissolve (Dungeon Dub) - Crystal Maze [Bio Rhythm]
08. ...That's The Point - Marco Shuttle [Eerie]
09. Dr Blowfins Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres - Drexciya [Tresor]
10. Bad Schandau - El Mal [Ifach]
11. Buoyant Slight - Metasplice [Morphine]
12. Night - Funkineven [Wild Oats]
13. The Ace Of Spades - 2AM/FM [Spectral Sound]
14. The Final Frontier - Underground Resistance [Underground Resistance]
15. Rhythm Of The Night - Sex Worker [Not Not Fun]

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