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There isn't much to say about the L.I.E.S. crew that hasn't already been said. During the past year the label's unique blend of experimental and lo-fi house has garnered attention and won accolades across the internet and beyond. One of the label's early contributors Jason Letkiewicz (aka Steve Summers) has been actively producing for some time now, and has just recently created his own off-shoot label, Confused House recordings.

For this first release, Steve Summers teams up with fellow L.I.E.S. labelmate Bookworms to produce three cuts of melodic and crepuscular house music.

The first track on the EP 'Possible Worlds' simmers away at the same level throughout for the duration of the record. As certain elements swell and recede throughout the track, its clear that we aren't trying to go anywhere too quickly, and that it's a good thing. On the flip the remaining tracks on the EP are also similar studies in glowing ambient grooves. It's an obvious and deliberate choice to name a track 'Let It Run' because that's exactly what these two producers do on this EP.

This offering is more like something from the realm of Newworldaquarium or Basic Channel than the type of house jams Letkiewicz is typically known for, and the partnership with Bookworms will hopefully mean releases of a similar nature are on the horizon.

Confused House 1 - Bookworms & Steve Summers [CH001]

This first label release has sold out at juno, as per usual you can check discogs while they are still going at a reasonable price, or get alerted about their next release (which is sounding nice) here.

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