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The Alan Backdrop project is the brainchild of Italy's Alessio Meneghello. Upon visiting Meneghello's tumblr site, you will immediately notice that the man is seriously into deep aquatic landscapes, swamplands, and other oddities of the natural world. His productions are clearly influenced by this and are of an atmospheric, dubby and visceral nature.

On this release, Excursion A, he delivers three tracks ranging from straightforward dub techno to more experimental material. The first two tracks on the EP, 'D9U0B9' and 'Pdst' are both well produced dub techno records that could help build some serious atmosphere for a night out. The third cut 'Sepora' moves into uncharted waters as we hear Meneghello experiment with a tempo that would normally be suitable for a drum and bass record (90/180bpm) but sounds unlike anything you might expect.

D9U0B9/Pdst/Sepora - Alan Backdrop [Motoguzzi]

The Alan Backdrop project is certainly one to watch and since its already sold out at juno you might want to check discogs to pick it up on vinyl.

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