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Featuring STL

Contrary to it's title the Banned From Terra EP is packed full of the signature subterranean beats that we know and love STL for, save for the intro and loop tracks which take on a more extra-terrestrial hue. Stephan Laubner has an extensive back catalogue under the three-letter alias but it is well worth having a dig through the clips on Juno in order to sift out the real gems. 'Jungle Sometimes', 'Dark Energy' and 'Vintage Hunter' are three tracks which spring to mind, and this belter featured in the recent # HH mix.

Laubner has a great talent for creating understated shuffling rhythms that lure the listener into involuntary movement. The two stand out tracks from this latest EP, 'Please Wait' and 'Loon Side Drift', demonstrate this skill particularly well. Can't find the full audio on the web yet but have a listen to the clips below.

The EP is available now from Juno or you can buy it directly from the Something Records website.

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