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Featuring OUTBOXX

Previous Hush House guests and firm favourites Outboxx have never let themselves be pigeonholed. Be it slow, dubbed out grooves or more uptempo house, Jacob and Matt haven't skimped on quality production. Their self-titled debut LP on Idle Hands proves no different.

Having released an album sampler earlier this year, you would be forgiven for expecting a similar sound throughout the album, although that doesn't seem to be the case. Slow jam 'Home' kicks off the proceedings, with warm keys and soulful vocals perfectly easing you into the rest of the record. 'All The Right Moves' is a smooth, easy listening affair, the rhodes hook and snipped up vocals all working together to create a definite summer tune - expect to hear this on a few terraces.

All The Right Moves – Outboxx [Idle Hands]

'Jewel City' brings the LP back down to slow jam territory and is a welcome interlude after 'Jaded' and 'Sunshine Mills'. 'Thrashing Groovster' and 'Withdrawal' take the record darker, with brooding basslines and melodies; the pair haven't often ventured into such territories but they pull it off with aplomb. The album comes to a close with 'My Destination', a deep and indulgent tune that is sure to shake a few sound systems in the near future.

However, the real gem comes midway through the LP. 'Lost Soul' is Outboxx's only venture into garage on the record, and it's clear they know what they're doing. The 2-step beat and girl next door vocals are somewhat typical of the genre, but it's the incidental synth and echoey melody that really set the tune apart. Instant replay.

Outboxx's debut LP is set for release on Idle Hands on 22nd April but you can give their brilliant mix for us another listen in the meantime.

HH Mix #031 - Outboxx

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