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Following up from Nick Höppner's on-point delivery for the Panorama Bar mix series certainly isn't easy, but resident DJ and club favourite Steffi is more than qualified for the task at hand. The Dutch born DJ and producer is one of the clubs longest standing residents and she thoroughly understands the genetic build of the club's hard-to-define music policy.

Steffi's concept for the mix was to ask some of her favourite artists for exclusive material, thereby keeping the mix as contemporary as possible. She ended up receiving unreleased material from Fred P, Dexter, Juju and Jordash, and Big Strick. To compliment the exclusive material, she has also included one of her own unreleased productions. Steffi has always been a selector who doesn't settle for anything less than the best records she can find and this mix is no exception.

Doze - Endian [Electric Minds]

The mix begins slowly with a deep melancholic vibe throughout the first five selections and crescendos nicely with Fred P's ethereal cut 'Project 05'. Things take on a more urgent tone with Naoki Shinohara's 'Timeless' as we move from here to the next phase of the mix. Juju and Jordash provide the exclusive track 'A Stab in the Dark', which sits before a series of eclectic and disco infused selections, breaking up the mix nicely. The mix enters its final phase with Steffi's exclusive 'DB011' and really hits its stride, concluding with 'Latency' by Obsolete Music Technology as well as 'Juan Two Five' by Trevino.

This compilation provides a great impression of what Panorama Bar is all about. For those that have been, it's easy to envision people dancing around the small booth suspended by chains while the morning light seeps in through the shuttered stain glass windows as the mix draws to a close. In fact, the only thing about this mix that isn't like a night in the club is that at just over an hour it provides only a brief glimpse of the experience.

Timeless - Naoki Shinohara [Metrolux]

01. Palisade - 18:30
02. Endian - Doze
03. Big Strick - Hayday
04. Chris Mitchell - Lonely Nights
05. BLM - The Nest
06. Fred P - Project 05
07. Naoki Shinohara - Timeless
08. Juju & Jordash - A Stab In The Dark
09. John Barera & Will Martin - Reality
10. DJ Fett Burger - Disco Tre
11. Juergen Junker - Post Reunion
12. Steffi - DB011
13. Dexter - Jawada
14. DJ Skull - Don't Stop The Beat
15. Obsolete Music Technology - Latency
16. Trevino - Juan Two Five

Ostgun Ton will release Panorama Bar 05 on May 13th, preceding it with a rather special Klubnacht release party at the end of this month.

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