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Featuring B.I.S. RECORDS

NYC radio show, Beats In Space, has been broadcasting weekly since 1999 and has since spawned club nights and a record label. Last summer the label expanded to include B.I.S. Records, an offshoot strictly for exclusive bootlegs and special edits, after radio show host and label boss Tim Sweeney took a trip to Italy. There he met DJ Steve, butcher by day and resident DJ at a local nighclub by night.

"This guy was the real deal. He was playing dubplates, vinyl, cassettes, and reel-to-reels. All special edits he had done over the years. I couldn't believe what I was hearing." - Tim Sweeney

Special Cuts #3 & #4 - DJ Steve [B.I.S. Records]

A handful of those edits and dubplates were recorded in NYC after DJ Steve appeared on the Beats In Space radio show and became the starting point for the Special Cuts series. The first 12" came out at the end of last summer and this month sees cuts #3 and #4 become available on very limited vinyl via Juno and Phonica.

1 comment:

Pelski said...

Special Cuts #4 is an absolute gem