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Featuring LEGOWELT

Legendary Dutch producer Legowelt's latest LP adds a new chapter to the recent influx of nostalgia-driven albums, and pays homage to the tech-noir films of the 80s. Its title can be broken down to probe the three techniques that give the album its distinctive sound.

The “Crystal” is the compression Danny Wolfers employs - the director's signature in film terms - to make his music sound so unique. The record's sound palette creates the feeling of walking through a misty forest at midnight.

The “Cult” is fashioned through eerie vocal samples scattered throughout the LP, with phrases such as “you will be reborn” in ‘Excalibur R8MK2’ and a request to “explore Cyberspace” in ‘Cyberspace is Still Happenin’ For Real’. Instrumentally, the cult is exemplified through different elements of acid, techno, house and ambience, especially in the grittier cuts, such as ‘Psychotic Endurance’, and 'The Future of Myself', and the title track, 'Crystal Cult 2080'.

As for the “2080”, Wolfers has utilised a second-hand Roland JV2080. A legendary synthesiser he acquired in Tokyo to pioneer the atmosphere of the LP. A minute into the opening track Wolfers has already lured you to his neon electric dream world.

There are no stand-alone tracks per se, instead a series of ideas and stories, each with their own theme and journey. In order to get full satisfaction, I recommend listening to it in full. However, if you're after a 'trailer', ‘Fundamental Superstition’ hints at what to expect.

Crystal Cult 2080 - Legowelt [Crème Organization]

Pre-order [CRLP11] from Delsin.

Words by: Stephen Daniels

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