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Introducing NOT SO MUCH

photo credit: Dan Reid

Mosca has come a long way since bursting onto the scene with the Night Slugs crew in 2010, gradually modulating his sound away from the grimey, garage-licked flavours of those early records towards a more direct, strictly-defined house and techno style. This change was typified in the excellent ‘A Thousand Years’ Wait’ on Delsin offshoot Ann Aimee late last year, and is further displayed here in the 'No Splice No Playback' two-tracker on his new label, Not So Much.

The first track is ‘Suckle (Twenties)’, six minutes of deep, driving house that could be mistaken for early Levon Vincent work - stomping, marching percussion punches out around a whirling synth. Though the metamorphosis towards 4x4 territory is in full-effect, the vibrant catchiness of earlier releases (‘Bax’ et al.) is still on show - the melodious ring to that main synth embodying what’s quickly becoming the ‘typical’ Mosca sound.

On the flip is ‘Vinny (Flamingo)’. An even more direct offering than the former, this one is a brooding basement lurker that pumps a stifled, padded kick through ringing bells and shuffling hats. Slightly more subtle, there’s scope for this to operate as a transitionary moment from lighter sounds towards the after-hours vibe.

No Splice No Playback EP - Mosca [Not So Much]

Overall, a strong start for Not So Much - check the vinyl on April 28th and the digital on June 2nd.

Words by: Matt Woods

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