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Livity Sound is racing through 2014 in much the same way as last year, gaining a vast number of fans by releasing its very own distinctive brand of tribal, totemic house. The momentum doesn't cease, with the label's remix series presenting two remixes of Asusu's 'Velez' by none other than A Made Up Sound aka 2562.

The perfect candidate to rework 'Velez', in his first remix, the Dutchman applies the sort of growling, bassy manoeuvres we've become accustomed to, albeit smattered with an oddly-hypnotic, disconcerting chime, which dips in and out of the entire track. The whole thing's gritty and full of life, embodying the characteristic AMUS swing, but retaining the unique texture that typifies the Livity Sound vibe.

Remix number two is a darker, and more cavernous affair, which ups the tempo and intersplices reverberating tribal-drums with zippy synth stabs. The latter are turbo-charged with static energy and the whole track feels as if it's ready to leap from its source - a flurry of electrons imbued with the power of some seriously shady juju.

Velez (A Made Up Sound Remixes) - Asusu [Livity Sound]

Two stunning reworks of an excellent tune as Livity Sound moves from strength to strength. Do the right thing and support the crew at Idle Hands.

A Made Up Sound plays at Soup Kitchen in Manchester on 24th May.

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