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It's that time again - number 4 which means they've been running 8 months. Still going strong and you won't find a more in it for the music crowd in London. Oh and it's free! As usual the podcast has been put together for all the info you need, background on the artists, interviews and mixes to get you hype. This one I'm told is full to the brim with brand new dubs. Get on it!

Podcast 004

To fit nicely alongside here's a mini showcase of each of the artists...


1. Ashburner - Cured [For The Win]
2. M.I.A. - XR2 (Ashburner Remix) [dub]
3. Boyson - Untitled [dub]
4. Tempa T - Next Hype (Ashburner Remix) [dub]
5. Dropfellas - Crashed Monkey [Quantum Bit]
6. Boyson & Krooks - Domino [dub]

1 comment:

Jack Herror said...

cant fckin wait for the next hype remix to drop!!
diggin the untitled track by boyson