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He goes by the name...

NumberNin6 broke onto the scene with a bang back just a little over a year ago. For those that don't know about that infamous remix, where have you been?! Since then it's been a bumpy ride trying to get releases actually out in the shops. Both of the following two releases were supposed to be out by now, the latest news is that they've been pushed back yet again. He's not a happy bunny so he's decided to go ahead with the promo for you lot to get excited about anyway.

Firstly, out in the next couple of weeks this huge release on Rob Sparx's Migration Recordings backed by Z-Audio. All the tunes out on the label so far have been top notch, oh and Sour Grapes too? Yeh they're all perfectly engineered, well mastered, on-another-level-tunes set to send the crowd nuts.

Back to the focus. These first three won't be quite what you're expecting but, huge nonetheless. Oozing with care and thought plus the blatant hours spent in the studio - remember he's a full time medical student as well!


A With You

B1 Mannequins

B2 She

Secondly, if that wasn't enough, there's this release which is out around February 2010. This is on a new label run by Dieselboy, distributed by ST Holdings. He brings his distinct, heavier sound back to the table, get those subs turned up and funny faces at the ready.

subHUMAN 001

A Hunt You Down

B Garbage

With the news of yet another delay he's resorted to giving out one of the tracks he's been holding on to dearly.

"I guess this is my way of saying that I wish my EPs came out earlier, but here's something to keep the energy going while we wait. DJ support from Bassnectar, Nero, Reso, True Tiger camp and others."

Mosh - NumberNin6 [RUDEEE]

Last Night In Brooklyn (NumberNin6 Remix) - Innerpartysystem

The remix has been made available on another site - the catch is you need to sign in and go to the downloads section...

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