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Our Christmas present to you...

As promised, Hush DJs have pulled through to bring you this fantastic selection of tracks which we're really feeling at the moment. 80% on the deeper side but not so deep you're out of your depth, 110% listenable we hope. New tracks, old tracks - most of them able to buy tracks. Particular mention to Numan and Dark Sky for hooking us up with a couple of new beats. Watch those two particularly closely in the new year. Big things.

Enough of the chat. Snatch this up sharpish and get it on in the background to whatever you're doing. Let us know how it goes down and share the link around if you're feeling it.


01. Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) - Four Tet
02. Price Tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix) - MyMy & Emika
03. Tripped (Synkro Remix) - DFRNT
04. Fading - Indigo
05. Phonebox - Sully
06. Get Up (Jack Sparrow Remix) - Pinch
07. Timeless (SBTRKT Edit) - Goldie
08. Code Four - Numan
09. Berlin Calling - Von D
10. Two Minutes - Dom HZ
11. Too Many Emcees - Phaeleh
12. Soundsystem - Matt-U
13. Kick In The Floor - Slack
14. Capture - Dead Manners
15. Inside - Phaeleh
16. The Craft - The Bassist
17. Heavyweight (Benny Page & Zero G Remix) - DJ Fresh
18. Connected - Synkro
19. Ok Luv (Hyetal Remix) - Starkey
20. Leave - Dark Sky
21. Lounge - Phaeleh

This, this, this, is what you've been waiting for...


Elliot Bridgewater said...

Is there no way to split these tracks?

Luigi said...

big big mix!

Anonymous said...

wheres the paris is burning remix in the tracklist

Anonymous said...

ignore that, was on another mix

cntrst said...

some big tunes here. absolutely love that hyetal mix of ok luv, dl-ing now...

Walker said...

this mix is real deep big tune

Okota said...

love it!
Nice one hush!!

Anonymous said...

Indigo - Fading, MASSIVE TUNE