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If Symptoms Persist is a relatively new label from Bristol based and Hench crew member, Wedge. For the label's third release the man himself has teamed up with glitch producer Aesoteric. The output from this collaboration unravels a blend of styles and taste lingering a unique twist to each tune - lots of layers, lots going on, but all mixed into fruitful individuals baring character and colour.

"ISP is medicine used to treat the body and mind, and acts as a local anesthetic for the symptomatic relief of anxiety and stress. ISP prescribes tracks that are not only intricately constructed with severe attention to detail, but are all beautifully distinct in terms of their arrangement, texture, and composition."

'A Night on the Wonk' is on an experimental tip with highly addictive horn and chime hooks. The Gemmy remix takes the chime section, gives it some of the well known purple treatment and turns it into a highly distinctive but slightly sickly intro. I say sickly but that’s perhaps because I’ve listened to it a lot of times in a fairly short period of time. However we’re then treated to a bleepy roller with moderate variation to keep things interesting. This makes it perfect for an early set or casual listening.

'Detached Reality' crackles its way through some haunting vocals and evil guitar riffs creating a tense but soothing atmosphere - detaching you from reality, sinking you into your seat while your mind starts to play tricks with itself. What are we really here for?

A.  Wedge and Aesoteric - A Night on the Wonk

B1. Wedge and Aesoteric - Detached Reality

B2. A Night on the Wonk (Gemmy remix)

ISP003 is distributed by S.T Holdings and will be in shops in April.

ISP001 got a hammering, and the Guido remix is still getting that treatment. Here’s the video:

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MikeE said...

That gemmy remix is BIG