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Scion turn up the heat...

Two from SMOG’s Scion Sampler CD – don’t really know what happens with these things but we get sent it advertising free download from a promo company so I presume they want hype and exposure...

"SMOG, the dirtiest dubstep crew out of LA underground..."

Doctor P brings us that screech and switch up all the clubs have been getting ripped apart by recently. I enjoy the first 1.08 of this song - it’s good while it lasts. Datsik & Excision also doing what they do best. Crisp production and crunching beats create a musical experience that's as hard as the the song’s name.

Reasons (Doctor P Remix) – 12th Planet & Juakali

Teflon feat. Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady

One from Scion presents: Rod Azlan. Young Dub Police boy, Unitz, as ever showing his skilful production abilities and potential to produce some big album in years to come. The Others on the original beat with Azlan providing a top quality vocal as per.

Selektah! (Unitz Version) – Rod Azlan

Everyone knows Rusko. Lots of people dig Rusko but this is definitely his best “skwee” tune. Akira Kiteshi with a cheeky edit of that insane Bird Peterson track. I know it’s old but it brings back memories.

Da Cali Anthem – Rusko

Zutopong (Akira Kiteshi VIP) – Bird Peterson

Lastly, one for those not into the tear out but into nice relaxing Drum n Bass from the man dBridge. Ever so chilled with nice rolling sub bass... Not often you get a free tune from the Exit Records kingpin.

Lost Shadow – dBridge


Anonymous said...


thanks for reasons and teflon!

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Tyler said...

niice one.

Anonymous said...

What a Post !


Jack Herror said...

thanks for those big chooo ns

Anonymous said...

whats the legality of these tunes though?? cheers