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For all the DJs out there...

Outlook have teamed up with our affiliates Dubscover to give you the chance of a life - a set at Outlook Festival in Croatia between 2nd and 5th September 2010.

You've got til Sunday 28th March at 2pm to submit a 15-20 minute mix showing your:
  • tune selection
  • style
  • creativity
  • mixing ability
  • and if possible, production skill
Submit your mix to dubscover@gmail.com for a chance to compete at the London Outlook Launch where room 4 will be dedicated to the finals.

The top 15 mixes will go through to play at the launch party. Mixes will be put up online and the DJs that get the most votes will get the best set times on the night.

And if you haven't already bought your ticket and are thinking about (not thinking, you should be) coming to Outlook Festival, we'll be providing some special pricing and goodies. Plus full up to date info. Click below to join the group...

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