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Thank God I'm breathing...

Big remix from a newcomer who goes by the name Coma. Dub Reggae vibes all over this one, with a bit of nu-skool too. Party starter, goovin' bassline. Even drops into a bit of 4x4 at the end. Keep an eye out for Coma, he's making good progress.

One Day (Coma Remix) - Matisyahu [RUDEEE]

Next up we have a little something from one of our favourite live shows - Engine-EarZ. If you haven't come across them before, check here. In summary, they produce a unique blend of timeless Indian-infused spiritual melodies intertwined with raw, heavy, sharp basslines. This is pretty much what we have here, less indian melodies, more cinematic/prodigy vocal stabs.

Faction 2 (Revolution) - Engine-EarZ

Lastly, little bonus. Everyone knows the original, everyone knows the two artists involved. All you need is your email address for some more bounce.

3K Lane 1999 - Jakes & Joker

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