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Featuring DARK SKY

You should know by now, but if you don't check here.

Dark Sky have some exciting news. Firstly, that 'Crystalised' remix we've been hammering is due for official release in the next couple of months. Before that though, having secured themselves a Black Acre deal, it's nearly available to be snapped up. The promo is in at Chemical (here) so go cop that if you're desperate - personally, I'd wait for the sweet artwork.

Ghost Notes - Dark Sky [youtube]

In anticipation of the release, they're letting out a little something for free. This skippy 2-step beat accompanied by fluctuating melodies and a well-worked vocal sees this go down as another sterling production from the hottest trio around at present.

Change (Dark Sky Remix) - Mirror Mirrors

Reflex - Dark Sky

1 comment:

vosk said...

You need a 'garage' tag for this... 2-step revival