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Remix something popular...

All of these, except one, are a few days old but all worth a listen if you haven't picked them up already. Warm those ears up for the special treat dropping later.

At first I wasn't sure whether I liked this tune but over the last couple of weeks it's been working it's way up the 'Recently Played' and is now lodged firmly at the top. Fever Ray leave the usual haunted feeling but R/D adds life with a glitchy electro beat and powerful synths.

I'm Not Done (R/D Remix) - Fever Ray

Everyone must know the original by now, DJ Madd takes it deeper than most with a earth shuddering sub line.

Hold The Line (DJ Madd Refix) - Major Lazer

If you saw us DJ last year, this tune was in nearly every set - especially those around Ipswich for obvious reasons. Geeks, originally from England but now living in Belgium deserves some recognition sometime soon. Go check the myspace for the other productions. We been holding on to this for time but now it's out... it's perfect for playing in a club that aren't into Dubstep or if there seems to be a lack of ladies on the floor.

Show Me Love VIP - Geeks & Sikey

Last but not least - George Lenton brings us another decent production in just a few days. This tune doesn't fit in line with the other tunes because it's not a remix of something popular. However, this doesn't matter. It's begging for you all to download it. Deep vibes crossed with bleepy electro synths blend into a unique hybrid sound.

Kerloo - George Lenton

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