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Featuring ROB SPARX

After our mishap in Norwich with Rob Sparx he has gone on to start the biggest thread of the moment in Dubstepforum. He's questioning what's happened to Jump-Up Dubstep - I know where he's coming from but many have taken the light hearted stab to many levels. For a read, check here. I think a battle between Rob and Funtcase has been arranged on a 70K rig in Birmingham in the not too distant future. There's also news that Funtcase has some deeper material which I'm keen to hear.

Rob is known for being on the darker heavier side and from my knowledge he is amongst some of the first to write Dubstep. All tracks, as said before a couple of times, are technically produced to a high standard. Not all may be your cup of tea but that's for each and every taste to decide.

He brings us two fresh tracks which aren't available anywhere else in the world. Look 2 The Future rolls and rumbles, kick-starting those subs into action and Independent Life has strong Dub-Reggae vibes keepin' things chilled.

Look 2 The Future - Rob Sparx

Independent Life (Dubby Mix) - Rob Sparx


Eric said...

i think hes just pissed he isnt receiving as much attention. i mean the guys production quality is top notch but none of his tracks really stand out.

i lol'd when some guy in the forum brought up the fact that he made a track called attack of the wobble

Anonymous said...

Rob Sparx to be honest made himself look like a total bellend on that thread, I agree theres a lot of shit stuff going about, but personally naming artists like that is just sour grapes to me.

Look up a track of his called Banoffie Pie, possibly the shittest attempt of making 'filthy dubstep' ever. And LOL at the guy who warmed up for him, and then said he played all brostep hahah talk about contradicting yourself?!!

Seriously gone down in my estimations. What a plank.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Eric ! Rob Sparx is rockin it. Stick to your guns Rob !