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I am yours now...

Some might say, "I wish every weekend was a four day weekend" and on Thursday night I felt the same. Now that Monday has arrived and there's the possibility of being out for a 5th night - I'm not sure how good 4 day weekends would be. Or would we adapt?!

You might get the jist of how I'm feeling with the vibe of these tracks, a little fragile and in need of a nice long sleep in my own bed. If you're in the same boat then this is dedicated for you...

First off, yes, another xx remix but, I think this might be my favourite - of 'Islands' that is. Soothing vocal, gentle beat and clanging synths/bells. Clanging in a good way from CHLLNGR.

Islands (CHLLNGR Remix) - The xx

New from George Lenton, toning it down a little from his usual club bangers, he takes one on a ride with piano melodies and moody atmospherics.

Pulaire - George Lenton

Various Production have been on my radar for a couple of years since their 'Versus' album but had slipped out of the peripheral until I came across this beauty. Bit more upbeat than the other two but still perfect for lounging. Vocal has been worked well into the soaring surroundings. It takes me from feeling miserable to content and now I just want more.

Dressed In Dresden (Various Production Remix) - The Hundred In The Hands

All of that too soft? Stick this on a system and get blown away...

Ghost Not Memory - Darqwan [youtube]

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