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The creative combination of the ambient electronica of Praveen, of Praveen & Benoit, and the experimental IDM of Travis Stewart, aka Machinedrum, was always bound to yield something new and exciting in their joint venture as Sepalcure. Since the success of their debut release on Hotflush, "Love Pressure EP", they have remained in collaboration with each other and the label, but their recent "Fleur EP" has shown they are still bringing external flair to the ever-crowded scene that can be most conveniently called post-dubstep.

The title track's gentle chimes and soulful vocals float over layers that usher you through its soundscape with all the tranquil comfort of a childhood dream. It's incredibly beautiful, and you can't help but feel that it's a dream that you want to cling onto, refusing to be woken up. "Your Love" brings us back to reality carefully with its harmonious vocals, tribal percussion and deep textures. The second half of the track introduces a sense of anxiety that we have not yet seen, before it fades once more into calm. "No Think" immediately sets itself out with a newfound urgency, as the kick drum drives the track through its swirling clouds of vocals, synths and flighty arpeggios. It's a densely packed and wonderfully constructed track but it seems fitting that the EP is concluded with a relaunch into a fantasy world, surrounded by the swelling strings and beatless ambience of "Inside".

It's a very strong release, and once you have checked out the tracks above make sure you give these guys some incentive to collaborate again by buying the EP here.

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