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Introducing PhOtOMachine

Raffertie's Super Recordings is beginning to establish itself as a label that does not set itself firm boundaries in terms of genre, instead placing emphasis on innovation and quality. Consequently recent output has displayed elements drawn from dubstep, house and even techno. This approach is evident in the recent "Technicolour EP" from debutant Londoner, PhOtOMachine.

The title track quickly adopts a pulsating 4x4 beat complemented by colourful vocals and a steady synth line. But it's after the half way point the track really kicks off, with a muscular bassline that is bound to get the dancefloor bouncing. Huge tune. In contrast, "Sine Language" sets itself out with a 2-step structure, before a diving bassline takes it deep, offset by by dubby sounds and spacey arpeggios. The release comes with a solid remix package with 3 variations on "Technicolour", with an effort from label boss Raffertie and a classy stripped-back house reduction from Optimum. Up as a freebie is the Throwing Snow remix, which emphasises the soft textures and adds some tight percussion. Check out clips of all of them below, and buy the release here.

Technicolour (Throwing Snow Remix) - PhOtOMachine

For fans of the label, check out the Super Volume 1 compilation preview below, with some well produced and varied soundscapes from the artists already mentioned as well as consistent talents such as Skinnz and Morris Cowan.

Super Volume 1 [preview]

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