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Move me, like you did before...

Been a little while since we had some free tunes, sorry about that, hopefully this varied selection will wet the palette.

First off, those who trawl the internet for new music will have no doubt seen 'Sinden presents Free Gucci 2 - The Burrrtish Edition' sprawled across every music blog last week. American 'rap' etc isn't really our thing but we downloaded it anyway and gave it a listen. Two tracks really stood out. Firstly this original featuring Estelle with its uplifting synths, big growly bassline and big room sound. Next, Mosca on a remix and as with everything he touches at the moment, there's quality production and the end result does exactly what it should.

Grown Man (feat. Estelle) - Gucci Mane

O Dog (Mosca Remix) - Gucci Mane

Klic came onto our radar early last year sometime with his remixes of Greymatter. His tracks are getting better and by the end of this year I'm sure you'll have seen his name on a few big remix packages (one of which could be very special). Foolish, which features the ever-so sexy vocalist Alys Blaze (can only imagine that she's good looking in real life), is more Dubstep than his productions these days, however it's a beauty. The 'Ajar' remix is some proper 2-step pressure with wonderful melodies and groove.

Foolish (feat. Alys Blaze) - Klic [RUDEEE]

Ajar (Klic's Unofficial 2Step Edit) - E.S.T

Joy Orbison & Kavsrave? Sounds big doesn't it. Unfortunately, this bashy Funky/Techno hybrid doesn't quite live up to expectations. Check it anyway.

Untightled - Joy Orbison & Kavsrave

Relatively unknown Digital Farm Animals shows us his progression and variety as an artist with these three tracks. Starting with the oldest, 'Kids Of Today', perhaps some relation between the name and the wobbly synth in the middle? All round though, a nice skippy 2-step beat. Next, 'Jerusalem' a straight up deeper Dubstep track, with the feel of time and effort put in. Lastly, the soundcloud preview of 'Play Back The Tape' is something I can imagine to be on an Underworld album. Big!

Kids Of Today - Digital Farm Animals

Jerusalem - Digital Farm Animals

Play The Tape Back - Digital Farm Animals

Policy who has just dropped onto our radar is pushing boundaries with some interesting music. A release forthcoming on Rush Hour proves exciting things. This track is more Dubstep orientated but you get the idea...

Farewell TH3 - Policy

Lastly, a track from Pacheko who's been quiet of late but the split EP 'This Troy' with Cardopusher a few years ago has kept the name in the memory bank. He recently gave away a few tracks, this is our favourite...

Medias Panter - Pacheko

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