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Jack Steadman is no newcomer to the music world, infact he’s pretty much as close to the top of the game as anyone, being the singer and guitarist for NME’s ‘Best New Band of 2010' – Bombay Bicycle Club. As we’ve seen a few solo projects go large recently, namely Jamie xx, we’d put our money on Jack being next if he chooses to do so (however for the foreseeable future it’s more than likely BBC will take priority). A quick look on Youtube unravels a plethora of edits and half finished tracks with a wide range of different styles. They all reverberate with the same underlying musical talent. It’s as if knocking up a quick tune is no effort at all.

Jack's name first hit the radar in the David’s Lyre ‘In Arms’ package but sitting next to the incredible Pearson Sound remix (youtube quality doesn't do it justice) it was slightly overlooked.

The latest couple of tracks, both available to download below, really stand out and show huge potential, it would seem there's been some underground dance music influence. ‘Cheating’ skips along with vibrant sensations and repetitive effervescent vocal slices inducing summer nostalgia. ‘I Will Change You’ has a more Dubstep feel with an addictive melody to start, which then drops into a lively shuffle. Added elements in the second drop suddenly, afer a soothing breakdown, ‘change’ things up once more.


I Will Change You

Shook Ones (Jack Steadman Remix) - Mobb Deep [youtube]

This remix got a rinsing last summer, thinking about it now, it is probably Jack’s work too.



now just waiting for a release from the lead singer of The Cheek....

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