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Our good friend Jimmy, aka Yoghurt Warrior, has been going from strength to strength as a designer, being commissioned for collaborative pieces for Gottwood Festival, all artwork and clothing for the new 'Pigeon Hole This!' label, as well as the official tee for Rusko and Doorly's forthcoming tour.

In recent weeks we have seen the launch of a slick new website, showcasing a new range inspired by tribal and aztec influences, aiming to inject something fresh and vibrant as the Summer approaches. Having spent the last year as part as part of the Get Hype Collective under the name of Shark Bait, he is accompanying the drop of the new range with his debut production as Yoghurt Warrior. The track, 'Jumanji', begins with sounds of birdsong and tribal vocals, before introducing chimes and diving purple synths, all of which combine to create the same sense of the fresh, exotic outdoors that the clothing takes its inspiration from. Check it out below and get your hands on some threads while stocks last at the online store here.

Jumanji - Yoghurt Warrior

For a preview of the track, as well as a look at the shoot for the new range, check out the video below:

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