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Introducing OBJEKT

"Objekt is a series of white labels built by T J Hertz"

This may or not be an introduction to some (think we missed the boat), however for those that it is, please do some careful listening, at volume.

We were tipped off about this producer/label Objekt the other day and ever since, these tracks have been stuck on loop. There's little information on the internet but 2011 is the year for faceless hype - let the music do the talking, and why not. All we can gather is there's a heavy Techno influence from the previous alias, Pearson Sound and Jackmaster are supporting, and that we need more releases.

These two hit the spot. Quality production oozing care and effort, ample bassweight, and perfect timing with people like Joy O and Instra:mental pushing this sound heavily.

The Goose That Got Away - Objekt [RUDEEE]

Tinderbox - Objekt

These two formed OBJEKT001 which was released around middle/end of January 2011 on vinyl and digital - cop it from Juno etc.

002 is imminent and we can't wait!

P.S Another serious riddim you might have missed - Thomp - Instra:mental

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