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After endless debate about who Ifan Dafydd really is, he steps out on Push & Run to release his official debut 12". Following on from the aptly timed and much coveted bootleg of 'No Good' and a nice remix for Emeli Sande we see some original cuts come from the mysterious Welshman.

Treehouse / To Me - Ifan Dafydd [forthcoming Push & Run]

'Treehouse' sees a Ifan really take the style from the "No Good" remix and really refines it. With much more complex beats and a very melodic groove accompanied by some great vocal work the track feels very well rounded. Certainly not a dance floor banger, the track isn't some minimal electronic affair either giving it a lot of replay value whilst still being extremely well produced.

'To Me' definitely takes it down a notch with a healthy layer of classical vibes. The pitched vocals are seamlessly woven throughout the track and with the addition of some strings Ifan takes you somewhere that maybe you were not expecting. Certainly a well crafted and expansive piece of music with so many layers that repeat listening is a must to really hear everything.

James Blake comparisons aside, Ifan Dafydd's music - despite being rooted by similar influences - has grown in quite a different direction and has a much more complex feel. For a debut release this really is very impressive and certainly opens the door for a breakout year.

Treehouse / To Me is available on wax from Push & Run on January 30th with the digital version out February 6th.

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